Coaching Skills

Promises, Promises

Improving Performance through Coaching provides a solid foundation for unlocking individual potential. If you are looking to positively impact your people, teams and overall business results on a limited budget then developing good coaches is an absolute must.

Many people say they can ‘coach’ but effective coaching is a skill that takes time, application and feedback to develop. Once developed however, these skills will provide people with a strong platform to challenge top performers, improve those who are underperforming and even form part of your performance management process. “Coaching can produce a 529% return on investment and significant subtle benefits to the business.” Source: International Coaching Federation


  • Max 12
  • 2 days
  • Sales & Negotiation Solutions
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Communication Solutions
  • Benefits

  • State the different styles of Coaching and practice

  • Demonstrate how to coach effectively and how to prepare

  • Demonstrate the use of the GROW model to effectively coach staff to improve performance

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